Major Murphy - No. 1

Album art contribution for Major Murphy's debut LP No. 1. Published by Winspear Records and in collaboration with Major Murphy. Design by Aaron Lowell. Listen or purchase the record HERE.

Brimming with jangly guitar, shimmering riffs, synth-sheened grooves, and commanding backing vocals, No. 1 reimagines 1970s radio rock with bristling sensitivity for our present era. Not quite pastiche, the lyrics of songwriter Jacob Bullard come from millennials’ unique cache of societal anxiety and ego-crises. On one hand, the technicolor and mechanized world of No. 1 is unmistakably ours: we are over-stimulated and pressured, confused and frustrated. - Michelle Gottschlich

Produced in limited edition pink vinyl (sold out), limited edition cloudy clear vinyl, and black vinyl. LP comes in a full-color sleeve with a full-color lyric insert. Additionaly produced as cassette and CD in royal blue.

Published 30 March 2018