Back to the Future Part II
(3 person exhibition, installation)
Mint Collective, Columbus, OH

Three person exhibition with Kara Gut and Harrison Moenich at Mint Collective in Columbus, OH from 07.29 - 08.12.2016. The exhibition presented a series of photographic and sculptural installations that address the loss of the physical, and our societal migration to mediated and virtual space.

Exhibition Statement:

“Today everything exists to end in a photograph.” Susan Sontag

Sontag made this observation in 1979. Thirty-seven years later, the same concerns are continually being raised. The usage of the photographic medium has come to the forefront of our everyday encounters. A viewer becomes complacent in the absorption of imagery rather than questioning the truth of what they are seeing. In the absence of truth, new meaning is generated. How do artists address this proliferation of images in their artistic practice? Three artists who start from the same set of photographic concerns address these issues of representation.

“All I know is what’s on the Internet.” Donald Trump